Nicolae Rusan
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Investing & Advising

  • Nuanced- Nuanced is building APIs to detect content that is generated by AI, starting with deepfake images and videos. This is an important problem as AI-generated content is becoming increasingly realistic and difficult to detect
  • Rivet- Rivet is a corporate & personal tax prep firm, designed to make tax season less taxing.
  • Alby- Alby is building AI shopping concierges and AI tools for e-commerce
  • Flexpa- Flexpa makes it easy for developers to sync health history (billing and medical records) into their app.
  • Palitronica- Palitronica fingerprints chips based on how they are supposed to behave, and detects abnormal activity for the purposes of detecting counterfits and security vulnerabilities occuring at the compromised-hardware level
  • Packsmith- Like a sharing-economy based CDN for physical goods. Packsmith lets folks run a storage facility for last-mile shipping and inventory storage in their home or spare space. On the other side they provides e-commerce brands with high-quality last-mile delivery and storage capabilities.
  • InstantDB- Instant is a client-side database that makes it easy to build the best collaborative software like Notion, Figma, or Linear.
  • Edwin Health- Edwin is a platform for building behavior change programs
  • Clerk- Modern, easy to use, user-management with UIs and APIs - purpose built for React, Next.js & the modern web.
  • The Graph- Decentralized indexing & query layer on top of blockchain data.
  • Albedo- Albedo is launching satellites to provide aerial-quality imagery from space.
  • Graphite- Graphite is a platform for developers to have better pull-requests by leveraging stacked diffs.
  • Mage- Mage is a modern replacement for data-pipeline and workflow tools like Airflow
  • Bison Trails- Bison managed blockchain infrastructure, and is now a part of Coinbase (I invested primarily in their mining operation).
  • Coinfund- Coinfund was one of the earliest Web 3 focused VCs, having started to invest since 2015.
  • Variant- First-check crypto venture capital firm investing in an internet that turns users into owners.