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Hello, I'm Nicolae

I'm a designer, programmer, and entrepreneur, interested in the future of how we build and use software.

I'm spending most of my time building with AI and exploring the new types of computing experiences it enables. I'm trying to share more of my ideas here, and to prototype and work in public.

I believe AI will substantially reshape our notion of what "programming", "computers", and "language" mean in these next few years. These changes will also require us to rethink our interactions with each other, and how we organize as societies.

My outlook on AI is that I'm simultaneously excited to explore the technology, and also concerned about the potential negative, expected and unexpected, impacts it could have on society. I'm also troubled that our technological progress seems to far-outpace our progress in navigating the complexities of coordinating new ways to organize and figure out how to be together. Our emotional interactions, and our ability to signal and understand to one another, are not adapting in pace with the new tools we are creating.

ToolkitCurrently I'm working on a company called Toolkit Toolkit . We develop products for joyful and meaningful human-AI collaboration. We're working towards building AI assistants and teammates that can act as co-pilots and thoughtpartners for you as you work. You can delegate work to them, and they build context on what you and your team are working on over time, and know how to use the tools you do. We have started by building an AI that understands screen recordings and meetings and lets you run integrated workflows on top of these.

We've also built some other projects under the Toolkit AI umbrella. These projects include: Magnet: an AI-enabled coding platform, an AI-powered customer service assistant, and voice-driven interviews conducted by AI.

I've been building companies since I was in college. I previously cofounded ToolkitClay, Frame and The Shared Web. I also invest in and advise startups.

For more in-depth info on all of the the above check out the about page →.