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About Me


ToolkitI started a company called Toolkit Toolkit in May 2023. We develop products for joyful and meaningful human-AI collaboration.

Our goal is to build helpful AI assistants and teammates that people will enjoy collaborating with. We're building ways for these assistants to be able to help automate various workflows using the tools you already use, take meetings, and learn from how you and your team work. There's a lot that's discomforting about AI, but it also has a lot of potential to improve our lives, how we work, and how we relate. Hopefully when you use Toolkit's AI assistants you feel some surprise and think “Oh, that's actually pretty delightful!”

We've built several products over the past few months under the Toolkit umbrella, including: Magnet: a new type of AI-coding assistant that is like ChatGPT for your codebase - all in the browser.


ClayIn 2017 I cofounded Clay : an AI-powered, low-code tool for growth teams to find and better engage with their ideal customers. Every company needs to find partners and customers, and sometimes their customers have very particular traits - for example, let's say you sell to pet stores and needed to find all the pet stores in the US with more than 10 employees. Google and existing pre-built data sets are usually not enough to find the information you need, so Clay lets you essentially set up your own programmable, automatable search engine that scours the web and existing data providers to find exactly the type of data you're looking for. You can also set up workflows that connect these data providers and your own tools (e.g. your CRM and messaging platforms).

In my twenties I started a company called The Shared Web that was a new type of social network based around interests - we pitched it as "Reddit for normal people". We worked on that for less than a year, and then pivoted into a product called Frame that helped e-commerce companies deliver a tablet experience to their customers. Frame grew quickly, became the top free app on the Shopify App Store, and was acquired within 5 months of our launch.


I really love ideas, and I will share a lot of what I'm thinking about in this digital garden. I value warmth, humor, clear and nuanced thinking.

I studied theater, political philosophy, economics, and computer science growing up. I love learning about all sorts of things. I read and watch a ton of documentaries.